My name is Márcia, i'm 17 and from Lisbon, Portugal. Find out more in the links below.
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3 days ago issietheshark:

love me if you dare (2003)
3 days ago fohk:

Closer (2004)Mike Nichols
3 days ago airudite:

les Baleines by [chaos and creation in the backyard] on Flickr.
5 days ago covers-and-posters:

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Reverse Shark Attack
5 days ago coffincrawler:

mikal cronin and ty segall
6 days ago kyrrd:

sem título on Flickr.
Via Flickr:portfolio // blog
1 week ago lestercorp:

Mac Demarco
1 week ago blkbrn:

Cam 11, Untitled Underwear Project (by joshsoskin)
1 week ago
1 week ago joydivsion:


Simple Song by The Shins